UEA8 Review 2022

Brand Ambassador: Yumi Wong

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Why UEA8?

The year 2018 marks a pivotal milestone when one of the most charismatic bookmakers is born. Since its debut in today’s world online betting community, UEA8 has never disappointed its players.

The UAE8 bookie comes from Thailand with a high reputation and many outstanding game products that attract players on a global scale. If you are a fan of online betting Singapore, then UEA8 is the best playground for you. 

Flick through our review to see whether this bookie is worth your trust!

UEA8, also known as UEABET, registers itself on the world betting market as one of the leading online casinos in Southeast Asia.

Thailand is a fertile land that conceived the formation of this bookie, and in 2018, the birth of UEA8 caught the eyes of the world in the field of betting games and became one of the online casinos with a top reputation in Thailand. 

The following years saw the geographical expansion of the UEA8 as the bookie “crossed the sea” to other parts of Southeast Asia.

Since then, UEA8 has gradually become the household name of players and has gained the trust of online gambling players all over Southeast Asia, especially Singapore.

The unremitting efforts of the UEA8 developers are worthy of recognition as they continuously upgrade their services to devote their best efforts to serve the players. 


Coming to UEA8, you will have the opportunity to be offered a wide variety of games from live casinos, e-sports, sports, arcade games, slots, fishing, 4D lottery, and more.

If a bookie wants to significantly progress and make an impression in the hearts of players, the investment in the product is very important.


Therefore, in order to attract players, UEA8 has not stopped developing products for its website. Now, join us to discover the special products available at UEA8.


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